13 Best Tourist Attractions You can Find in Hurghada
13 Best Tourist Attractions You can Find in Hurghada

The oldest and most well-known resort in Egypt is Hurghada. It became famous, because it contains colorful and strange coral and fish in its offshore of the Red Sea.

Therefore, it is a city that can cater to its tourism easily.

It is the best option for northern European tourists who like to get rid of winter and cold and get sandy beaches with blue sky.

Besides, northern Europeans can also find traveling to Hurghada is a great adventure.

1Giftun Islands

Beaches in Hurghada

Since Hurghada has islands, like The Giftun Islands, rich of white sands with the rays, it is the suitable place for tourists who are an enthusiast to try snorkeling and the beauty of the Red Sea.

While those who don’t like all that, they can just enjoy the beauty of the sea and sun rays.

2Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina

Something else can help Hurghada be more attractive.

It is Marina which is the place for those who like to promenade at sunset to head to some cafe or restaurant in the evening for a meal.

Hurghada Marina has beautiful views of the Red Sea with the bobbing yachts.

3Straits of Gubal

Things to do in Hurhada

It is the easiest way to access to the Straits of Gubal which is the area that many tourists like to visit for diving.

Straits of Gubal has huge coral which proved a customer for those who navigate in this area, and this is why it is famous for wreck diving.


Beaches in Hurghada

Stretching of the shore-side resorts in the coast of the town lead to claim Hurghada’s patches of sand.

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The resorts will offer you a day to stay if you don’t like to stay in a hotel.

Resort Strip is the main place which contains the best beaches in an area, and Sigala, in the south.

You can travel farther south to find Sahl Hasheesh, the home of the prime pieces of white-sand beach in the Red Sea coastline. Here, you can find the best hotels.

5Sindbad Submarine

Coral reefs looking from a submarine

Tourists can go down the Red Sea by Sindbad submarine, a tourist submarine that helps them to get to 22 meters under the water.

Therefore, they will get a nice opportunity to see the coral and fish there in about one hour.

6Desert Jeep Expeditions & Quad Biking

Quad Biking in Hurghada

In addition to all what it has in its sea world like coral and fish, travelers may forget to explore the desert world in this town.

They can do many wonderful things in the desert-like quad biking and jeep expeditions in the entire desert.

There are also the dune buggy trips in the hinterland.

You can also find the acacia tree in the valleys of this area to enjoy the landscape of the Eastern Desert, and it is not too far from the resort town.

8Astronomical Nights

Night panorama with a view of illuminated palm trees on the seacoast of Hurghada.

Visitors can find, here in Hurghada, the most popular attraction for tourists who visit it.

The astronomical night is the most beautiful paint where you can see the desert studded with stars.

Hurghada offers you night trips to give time to enjoy views of the full beauty of the stars after dusk in the desert, Because of the clear sky there, you can have a chance to explore the world of stars using a telescope for closer inspection.

9Bedouin Dinner Tours

Beduin food in Hurghada

There is another evening attraction for visitors in Hurghada.

Bedouin dinner tours are one of the nice things offered by many of the resorts. Therefore, foodie travelers should not forget to make use of this chance and sample the Egyptian dishes which are not found in many restaurants.

Bedouin settlements provide a feast of delicious local cooking to the visitors who like that. The feast is done in a traditional tent and in an atmospheric way.

10Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites

It is a fantastic diving area for those who like to submerge into the sea to explore the site with shipwrecks.

Those shipwrecks are a great attraction for tourists.

The British cargo, Carnatic, is a ship sunk in 1869, which it’s skeletal still remains in good condition. There are also Chrisoula k, the Greek ship, and Kimon M, the German ship.

12Hurghada Aquarium

Hurghada Aquarium

Hurghada Aquarium is the best choice for you if you want to explore what you see in the water when you are diving.

It is known as Ad-Dahar and it lies in the northern part of the town. Ad-Dahar represents the decent display of marine life of the Red Sea in Hurghada.

13Snorkeling in Hurghada

Snorkeling in Hurghada

If you can’t dive and want to explore more things underwater, Hurghada offers a nice chance to get that on snorkeling.

Many visitors prefer to experience the same things underwater by a snorkeling trip.

Therefore, tourists can try Red Sea snorkeling trip including other options like a hotel and lunch.

Hurghada tries to make people feel comfortable by offering such things.

Tourist attractions in Hurghada, Egypt
Tourist attractions in Hurghada, Egypt

Finally, we want to mention the best hotels that you can stay in when you want to visit Hurghada:

Luxury Hotels: is a beachfront resort in the south of the town.

Mid-Range Hotels: it is an all-inclusive resort with various amenities.

Budget Hotels: it is the north of Hurghada with a wonderful location on the central lagoon.