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Travel Back Bag

Travel back bag could turn out as a bane for most travelers.
Just imagine how we have to choose the things that we have to pack and which things we should not bring in our trip. Thus, sometimes we even forget to pack the important things and turn out to pack things that we do not actually need them in our trip.

Yes, we all must have been in that kind of situation where packing could be a confusing moment. Well then, in this article, you would find some tips to guide you on 45 things to pack in your travel back bag.

If we are speaking about packing, it actually depends on where you are going to have a trip, whether you are going to go for hiking a mountain or discovering Europe. However, knowing the proper way to pack your back bag is indeed, important, since you need to feel comfortable to travel around with the burden of your back bag.

So, if we are speaking of packing a back bag, saving more space is definitely the best way to pack your back bag properly.

For this reason, the first and fundamental tip you need to keep in mind is, you need to fold all of your clothes efficiently. Try to roll your clothes to take less space rather than folding them.

Place the weighty things at the bottom of your back bag, and place the things that you will have to take out immediately (like a passport) at the top of your back bag. Remember to place the things that would able to leak in the plastic bags.

This tips would work not only for travel back bag but also for suitcases and luggage as well. Now, let’s check out the 45 things you need to pack in your travel back bag!


Importance of your passport

Every traveler knows that passport is the essential thing that you should never forget to pack in your travel back bag. Well, you surely do not want to end up in reaching the airport without your passport.

3Map, GPS and travel guide

GPS will make your trip easier when you are traveling around the city. However, you should also bring along a back-up map in case if your phone runs out of battery and thus, you will be unable to use the GPS.

A travel guide book will really help you out in discovering a country that you have never visited before.

4Clothes and Underwear

clothes and underwear are important

Keep in mind that you need to pack your clothes enough for your trip duration. However, you also must not over pack your clothes since it will be difficult for you to fit them up in your back bag.

Bring along the clothes that you think necessary for you from both warm layers and light layers.

In case if you are going for a long trip, you can also check out if the hostel that you are going to stay over provides a laundry service. This will be definitely useful since you can wear the same clothes over again.

Underwears should be the essential thing that you should never forget to pack. Remember to bring along a carrier bag to pack up your dirty laundry as well.


Importance of earbuds Visit Onair
Importance of earbuds

This would really help you out to get better sleep or listen to music.

6Sleeping Bag

If you are planning to go for a camp, then you definitely need to pack up the sleeping bag in your travel back bag.

7Waterproof Coat

We can not predict the weather throughout the trip. Therefore, just prepare yourself, pack some waterproof coats to cover you in rain, and also update the weather during your trip.


Socks are quite useful no matter in which type of weather that you will face in your trip. Do not forget to pack them up as well.

9Haircare Products

Haircare products are important

Comb, Hair Spray, and Hair Gel will really help you out to get ready in entering the hostel bar crowd.

Bring along your shampoo and Conditioner in small portable bottles, so that you can easily fill them up during your trip.


Some places in Europe could really get warmer, thus, remember to keep your deodorant with you.

12Body Wash

body wash

The body wash is also essential, especially if your skin is sensitive and cannot adjust with the body wash provided by the hostel.


Remember to pack up your toothbrush since not all of the hostels will provide you with this stuff.


In case if you are going to have a trip with your friends, you can share toothpaste to make some space as well.

15Sun Cream

Sun Cream is essential to shelter your skin, remember to bring it wherever you go.

16Walking Shoes

Do not forget to take your shoes

Most of the travelers found out that you should wear your hugest shoes on the way to the airport, with a reason that there will be more space to save in your travel back bag.


Mot of hotels does not provide their guests with towels. Hence, remember to bring along a microfiber towel since it will not take much space in your back bag.

18Hangout Clothes

Hangout Clothes are essential

Choose your most favorite hangout clothes to go out at nights during your trip, but remember, you should also only pack what you really need.

19Hangout Shoes

Hangout shoes are definitely essential for you to pack up. Make sure you pack the shoes that will fit for both day and night outings.

20Mobile Charger

Definitely, you do not want to face the situation where your mobile off during your trip due to it runs out of battery. Therefore, make sure you bring along your mobile charger in your travel back bag.

21Cheap Mobile for Spare

Cheap mobile

Pack up a cheap mobile for Spare in case if any unpredictable situation appears, and do not forget to buy a SIM card that active overseas.


Pack up these things according to your destination place.


Save your budget with packing your adapters so that you will not need to buy adapters at the airport. Make sure you bring the EU adapters that will support during your trip.


Camera is an important thing to take in a travel

Well, this one important stuff is definitely you would never want to forget on your trip.

26Underwater Camera

This awesome stuff will record your memorable flash perfectly.

27First Aid Kit

Every traveler must bring along a first aid kit for the unpredictable situation, especially if you will go for a trekking trip.

28Trekking Poles

This would be only necessary if you are going hiking or trekking trip.

29Shaver and Nail Clippers

Remember always to shave your beard and cut your nails!

30Glasses or Contact Lenses

If you really need these stuff to see, then do not forget to bring along.

31Sunglasses and Eye Mask

Sunglasses and Eye Mask

Stuff that should not be left in any trip.

Eye Mask is an essential thing to make your sleeping time more comfortable.

32Swimming Suits

Make sure not to overpack since you can always reuse the same one.

33Food and Cooking Utensils

This stuff is necessary if you are going camping and cooking outside.


Taking a flashlight in your travel is a must

This thing is a must, especially when you explore new places at night, you will need it.

35Emergency Whistle

This will help you out in an emergency case.


If you are going to swim, then you definitely need it.


Trainers will be your savior in supporting your walking adventure during the trip.

38Lip Balm

Lip Balm keeps your lips moisturized

Well, girls, you definitely know how important this stuff keeps your lips moisturized.


Make sure you will keep shaded.

40Water Bottle

A metal water bottle will be more hygienic and endure for traveling.


Medicines are important at your travel trip

Pack up the medicines that you might need in your trip.

Painkillers will help you out to over calm headaches, stomach aches, or other aches you might have to experience during your trip.

42Back bag Rain Cover

Most of the travel back bag already equipped with this stuff.


Bring along also your favorite snacks for a quick breakfast.


Make sure to pack the most comfortable sandals to support your trip.


The last bust important thing you have to do is use a padlock to lock your back bag once you have packed everything.

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Well, These things are not all you need to pack in your travel back bag, You may need other things according to the type of your travel, But you will definitely need them.