About us

About Visit Onair

We would like to tell you more about us who are a group of Architectural students who are enthusiastic of travel and adventures started visit onair to share our ideas, experiences, and enjoyment about our trip vacation spots to the whole world, We will discuss the most important topics for travelers and how they can choose their vacation spots.

Visit Onair main purpose

We think that the world had become a small village, you can know any information about any city or place, but in Visit Onair you will live in your favorite destination like you are there, you will talk to the original residents and listen to them, feel the taste and smell of their food, You will play with them, and share their customs and traditions.

How could you support us?

We appreciate your support by sharing our new posts and videos, telling us how could we improve Visit Onair via Contact us page, and sharing your thoughts. You can also vote for your favorite destination via Vote page.