Barcelona Highlights Top 15 Things to Do in Barcelona Visit ONAIR
Barcelona Highlights Top 15 Things to Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and Spain’s second city, Barcelona is a unique place. Everyone can find unique things to do in Barcelona Spain that makes him delight

People who love food can find their enjoyment there because Barcelona has a total of 20 Michelin stars.

what is Barcelona known for?

People who are keen on culture, Barcelona will be the perfect place for them because it has got an inexhaustible choice of beautiful buildings and events; and for sure people who love spending time in beautiful beaches, choosing Barcelona would be the best choice. Literally, Barcelona can make everyone happy.

Briefly, in this article, we are going to recommend the amazing secret things to do in Barcelona .

Things to Do in Barcelona in August 2019

Things to Do in Barceloneta Beach Visit ONAIR
Things to Do in Barceloneta Beach

Barcelona is one of the best destinations to visit for so many reasons, and Barcelona beaches are the main reason for making Barcelona an attractive place to visit by millions of people around the world.

Beautiful blue sky, soft sand, and incredible sea that is how Barcelona beaches look like. A lot of beautiful beaches you can go to, in Barcelona and every beach has its special features and its natural beauty; thus we have prepared for you a list of the most markable beaches in Barcelona. We hope that you like it.

1Things to Do in Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach is the first thing to cross the mind when people think about beaches in Barcelona.No wonder Barceloneta Beach is one of the most wanted beaches in Barcelona because of all its special features besides its beauty nature.

In Barceloneta Beach, you can find a lot of drummers and singers who are dancing, singing and dancing along the beach giving it a living soul and that is the reason for its real special place.

In Barceloneta Beach, you can find a lot of drummers and singers who are dancing, singing and dancing along the beach giving it a living soul and that is the reason for its real special place.

2Nova Icaria Beach

Are you looking for a special location?

Well, Nova Icaria Beach is your best choice. Nova Icaria Beach is located right on Barcelona’s central coast near the Olympic marina and observatory, Nova Icària draws visitors from all walks of life.

You’ll find teens and young adults playing beach volleyball, parents chasing their giggling children along the shore, and so much more.

3Caldetes Beach

Private beach! Have you ever dreamt of a private beach?

If yes, then get in the train at Plaça Catalunya in the city center and head up to the undiscovered coastal paradise that is Caldes d’Estrac, more commonly referred to as Caldetes. Few tourists even know this gorgeous diamond beach exists, so you can relax and soak in the local lifestyle.

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It is located in a quiet picturesque seaside village, Caldetes offers special comfort and a fraction of the crowds compared to the central beaches in Barcelona.

The beach itself is definitely no-frills, but you’ll find that you don’t need all the extras at a beach this beautiful and calm.

4Ocata Beach

Some of Barcelona’s best beaches are located even further off the beaten path. Just a half-hour train ride north of the city, Ocata is the definition of a hidden treasure.

Quiet, pristine, and flat, the spacious beach features fine golden sand and immaculately clean water.

After swimming, go to one of the pickup rugby or volleyball games, or head to one of the dozens of nearby beach bars to refuel on tasty tapas and fresh seafood. All in all, Ocata is home to everything you could ever ask for in a beach.

5Bogatell Beach

When you are looking for the calmness and the clarity, you should put visiting Bogatell Beach in your mind. It’s about a 15-minute walk from Bogatell metro station, but well worth the visit.

Whenever you reach the beach, you feel automatically attracted to it, and this will lead you to feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s also considered one of Barcelona’s safest beaches.

6Sitges Beach

The town of Sitges has already contained for 17 beaches, but the popular destination half an hour away from Barcelona deserves a mention.

It is known as one of the region’s most gay-friendly cities with incredible nights, its main beaches are the best place to go place to if you’re looking for a fun crowd and plenty to do.

Relaxation with soft wind is what makes Sitges Beach a lovely place to head to.

7Mar Bella Beach

If you are a lover for windsurfing, Mar Bella Beach is the best choice for you. As it is well-known about Barcelona that is a place that is open-minded, friendly, and fun-loving culture, Mar Bella Beach is a proper place for guests looking for a more cosmopolitan scene.

It’s maybe most famous for its nudist stretch, part of which is discreetly partitioned off by a big dune.

8St Pol de Mar Beach

Visit Las Ramblas

If you are a history lover, then visiting St Pol de Mar Beach is something you would like to experience. St Pol de Mar Beach is a small magical beach with clear water, you would love it once you see it.

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BARCELONA BEACH WALK along Barceloneta Beach Promenade | Spain

Barcelona is a place where you can enjoy many things, especially in August.

Visit Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a street in the center of the city that attractive for both tourists and the original habitats of the city. Here are the things you can do in Barcelona especially in Las Ramblas.

9See Museu de l’Erotica

It is located in the middle of Las Ramblas. Despite a museum-like, this may be saucy, it’s genuinely appealing and informative, as it talks about the history of sex in the romantic city of Barcelona.

10Walk On Top of a Miró Mural

Las Ramblas owns a lot of history, like Joan Miró‘s circular tile work, crafted by the artist himself right on the street. Miró actually helped build part of Las Ramblas, and it’s an essential fact to remember while walking on this street; especially when you think about how much artists like Gaudí and Miró influenced the city.

Look near Liceu Metro and Liceu Theater to find it. Look even closer, and you’ll find the tile that Miró signed himself.

11Walk around

Taking a walk throughout this fabulous street is something unforgettable because of all this beauty of the street, and you surely are going to enjoy the beautiful details of the street.

12Enjoy Human Statues

Las Ramblas is full of Human Statues,  from Spain’s famous philosophers to typical robots. People there do a great job with their costumes, and sometimes you can walk right by one and think it’s a real statue. They do shows with their customers and earn money.

Tourists and local people throw coins to them, and that is how they get money. Colorful street and talking statues, it is something to admire, is not it?

13Go for Shopping at El Corte Inglés

If you want to do some appealing shopping and maybe some browsing for souvenirs, you should go to El Corte Inglés; it is right at the end of Las Ramblas.

El Corte Inglés is located in Plaça de Catalunya and is Spain’s version of Macy’s or Nordstrom. In El Corte Inglés you can find heels, a new piece of furniture and stunning souvenirs.

14Give a look to the Art Gallery at Centre d’Art Santa Monica

The Food in Barcelona

A vital part of Barcelona is getting to see all the fascinating art and architecture all over the city, and Las Ramblas is no exception. You’ll find a myriad of beautiful galleries here, such as Centre d’Art Santa Monica.

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This gallery houses a stunning space that is known for hosting various contemporary art exhibitions, featuring artists that come from all over the world. Just five minutes down Las Ramblas, and you’ll be there.

BARCELONA WALK | La Rambla – Famous Tourist Street | Spain

Try the Food in Barcelona

Barcelona is not just famous for its beautiful beaches and its stunning architects, it is also famous for its incredible food and particular restaurants.

Through upcoming paragraphs, we will try to recommend for you the best restaurants you should head to while you’re staying in Barcelona.

15Centro Gallego de Barcelona

If you want to know more about Spanish culture, you should go there and order a lovely meal. In Centro Gallego de Barcelona, you can be a member to discover and watch the many exhibitions and concerts this place holds.

You don’t need one to hang out at the bar and restaurant, where you can try some delicious Galician food and genuinely get a taste of this unique culture.

16Pla Restaurant

In Pla Restaurant you can have a romantic dinner. Although the restaurant is located on a side street in the Gothic Quarter of Las Ramblas, it is famous and easy to find.

There you can enjoy The most delusions  Mediterranean dishes ever.

17El Quim De La Boqueria

On Las Ramblas, El Quim you can find El Quim De La Boqueria.The restaurant is famous all over Spain.

Using ingredients that are sold within the market, El Quim De La Boqueria guarantees a delicious and fresh meal, cooked and put together as beautifully as it would be in a luxurious restaurant.

18Bar Lobo

Bar Lobo is so recommended restaurant if you were looking for a good traditional meal, There you would be served only the freshest ingredients in a plethora of Spanish dishes.

One of the most distinctive things about Bar Lobo restaurant that you can go there anytime (night/daylight/afternoon) and find something good to eat.

Barcelona Food Tour (10 AWESOME Stops!)

18 Secrets & Best Places in Barcelona

Briefly, in this article, we have explained to you why Barcelona is the place to head to; we have mentioned the most beautiful beaches in Barcelona and why they are so distinctive.

IF you were a food lover, we did not forget you and did not forget talking about your love; we mean the food. So we also have mentioned the most markable restaurants in Barcelona you should not miss out.

As it said “Barcelona, where everyone can find something to love” with this sentence we would like to finish our article, we hope you like it.