The most amazing Caribbean places you should visit in 2019
The most amazing Caribbean places you should visit in 2019

Fun is not just associated with summertime, so if you love to enjoy your wintertime, start exploring The Caribbean places to visit in 2019

IF your idea about the most amazing Caribbean places to visit in 2019 is limited in just clear blue sky and soft sand, and if you love to enjoy your wintertime, you better to re-think again about everything you know about the Caribbean, so start exploring now.

Because the Caribbean is more distinctive, more adventurous and more dynamic than ever before. it’s time to start exploring the region’s wonders in a completely new way.

Fun is not just associated with summertime, so if you are someone who loves to enjoy his/her wintertime, the Islands of the Caribbean will be the best choice for you.

If you have no idea about the Caribbean place, just calm down, in this article, we will introduce you the best Caribbean places that you should not miss ever, tell you about how to enjoy your time there as well.

The most beautiful Caribbean places that recommended to visit this year

The most beautiful Caribbean places that recommended to visit this year
The most beautiful Caribbean places that recommended to visit this year


Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Havana is a special place in the cube, because it is not just a place which attracts the tourists, Adding to that it is the capital of the country, the largest city in it, and the main port, so it is one of the most amazing Caribbean places

All these strength points which the city Havana has, have made it as a leading commercial center of Cuba.

It is a home for 2.1 million citizens, and it occupies around 781.58 km of the country.

Things to do in Havana

1Visit “Parque Almendares

Green park Almendares. Havana, Cuba.

Parque Almendares or as so many people call ” Basque de La Haband“,(Havana’s Forest), it lies along the banks of the Almendares River.

Parque Almendares is the only civil forest in the city and that is not the only thing that makes it special. It also holds for, so many leisure and several activities such as children’s playground, pony rides, mini-golf, boating, and open-air snack bar.

Anfiteatro Almendares is the only amphitheater, which is located in this forest, that amphitheater was designed for string-operated puppets where both children and adults can enjoy puppet shows, concerts, magic acts, etc.

In the hot summer, you can walk under the leaves of its old and big trees enjoying the walking in the cool wind there; then easily you can turn to visit dinosaur park which is located in Parque Almendares.

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2Do not miss “Gran Parque Metropolitano Parque”

Gran Parque Metropolitano Parque, Havana

Havana’s Gran Parque Metropolitano is known as Havana’s Forest, it lies along banks of the Almendares River is Parque Almendares, occupies a 700-hectare park. Havana’s Gran Parque Metropolitano is famous for its beauty and calmness where you definitely can find relaxation.

Few steps away from the forest you can find a children’s playground & rides so if you are heading into there with your family, probably this place will make everyone in your family satisfied.

3Get into “Central Park

Beautiful view of the Central Park in the Old Havana City, Capital of Cuba

people call Havana Central Park a busy place and that is true for so many reasons, firstly Havana Central Park is a place where you can enjoy the great architecture simply you just set on one of the stone benches, Adding to that the unique, which that makes you visualize a museum of architecture, surrounded by buildings where the ecliptic and classic style.

You can find the monument to José Martí, the first statue erected in his honor, unveiled on February 24, 1905, which was made in white marble at a cost of 4500 dollars at the center of the park.

Twenty-eight royal palms are surrounding That monument which is symbolizing the birth date of Marti, in harmony with the surroundings, eight stones representing the medical students shot on November 27, 1871.

So in the central park in Havana, As you can enjoy the lovely palms and the incredible pieces of history.
That is a magical place, is not?

4GIVE Lenin Park a look

 Lenin’s Park, Havana Cuba

Lenin Park is the most popular place in Havana which is famous as one of the most leisure and an entertainment region in Havana with its 670 hectares of lush forests.

Lenin Park is positioned in Arroyo Naranjo, approximately 20 kilometers away from Central Havana.

When you are in Lenin Park, you should not miss visiting (the Amelia Peláez Art Gallery), it is the1984 memorial to Lenin, by L.E. Kerbel, where you will find the Aquarium (open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm).

In the Amelia Peláez Art Gallery, so you will enjoy seeing live freshwater fish and many crocodiles.

Also make sure that you will pass by the monument to Cecilia Sánchez, the ceramics workshop, the Rodeo Nacional, where the best rodeos are held in Cuba, and the Feria Agropecuaria (Farming and Breeding Fair)

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JUST find Expocuba, it is one of the most beautiful and attractive exhibition rooms in Cuba.

Cuba vacation travel guide


White River in St Ann, Jamaica
White River in St Ann, Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation. Jamaica holds for one of the most beautiful a reef-lined beaches, green topography of mountains, and rainforests.

Jamaica is called the home of many great artists, as it is the birthplace of reggae music, and it’s capital Kingston is home to the Bob Marley Museum, dedicated to the famous singer.

So, what is the best time to visit Jamaica ?

Jamaica is such a great place to visit, not just for its sea and lovely nature.

But also, because there where you can enjoy the country special events, which could bring you happiness and let you in a whole exciting experience.

Thus we here in these upcoming paragraphs are giving you the most recommended time that you should choose to enjoy the most in Jamaica. 

No need to mention that, Jamaica is tropical paradises of the Caribbean.

Thus it logically The best time to visit Jamaica would be during the start of winter, November to Mid-December, with temperatures averaging 80°F.

Peak season begins Mid-December and ends Mid-April.

Summers (June to August) is slightly warmer, From June to November we can find some hurricane hit the country maybe these hurricanes reach their peak in August and October.

This if you want to visit Jamaica in these months, you better to be awake and take care of yourself.

The time when the special events were held

5Jamaica Carnival

Jamaica Carnival

Location: Montego Bay, Kingston, Ocho Rios.

Month: January to April.

The event is held along the beaches, where the colors and the food are exploded and to be thrown everywhere.

6Bob Marley Week

Bob Marley

Location: Kingston

Month: February

The main aim of this event is to commemorate the life and music of Jamaica’s best-known musician, Bob Marley.

The fans of Bob Marley spend the first week of the month in doing symposiums, lectures, karaoke contests, a fashion show, exhibitions and various other events related to Bob Marley.

7Kingston Curry Festival

Colors in Kingston Curry Festival

Location: Kingston

Month: May

in this event, everything should be stained with curry the clothes, the food, and the music instruments even the people’s faces.

9Montego Bay Yacht Club Easter Regatta

Montego Bay panorama

Location: Montego Bay

Month: March/April

this event is held on Easter weekend at this event you can enjoy several maritime activities.

10The Ocho Rios Jazz Festival

Location: Ocho Rios

Month: June

The Ocho Rios Jazz Festival or as it is known, as the oldest Jazz festival in the region where the families and the friends, also the couples can enjoy their Jazz Vacation in multiple areas from Ocho Rios to Kingston.

Things to do in Jamaica

11Enjoy it all

Things to do in Jamaica

Now you are on vacation, just remember that so Now you can experience and enjoy the island life.

you know you can dance up all night, drink and sing all along Jamaica beaches.

At the morning you can just lay all day on the soft yellow sand getting the best tan ever.

12Enjoy the beautiful sunset

Enjoy the beautiful sunset in Jamaica

people always keep on going to Jamaica because of that magical view of the sunset.

definitely, There will not be an any better way to finish the day then in a hammock on the beach with a drink in your hand watching the sunset.

Some of the best sunsets in Jamaica are on Seven Mile Beach in Negril.

13Enjoy these fresh special drinks

You better to start your morning off with a freshly cooked cup of Jamaica’s finest coffee, and Blue Mountain Coffee.

If you really want to perceive the day started to put a little coconut rum cream in your coffee.

14Try Parasailing

Parasailing in Jamaica

Parasailing in Jamaica is unusual you can enjoy it and still affordable, it ranges between  $30-50.

While you are parasailing, you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the sea.

 A lot of the parasailing associations can even dip you in the water at the end of your parasailing experience.

15Go for Appleton Estate rum tour

Jamaica’s famous Appleton Rum

follow the boozing trend take a tour of Jamaica’s famous Appleton Rum.

you better choose to go to Jamaica, if you like rum.

Jamaica Caribbean travel

So, We can say that Caribbean places now are the most wanted destinations now.

You can enjoy a lot of things in Caribbean places, in this article we have mentioned how you can enjoy these places, and how to pick up the perfect time to go for your vacation.