Top 10 destination vacation spots you should visit this summer

Most people choose to visit destination vacation spots but have you ever thought what can make this trip stunning and more affordable

Top 10 destination vacation spots you should visit this summer
Top 10 destination vacation spots you should visit this summer.
Top 10 destination vacation spots you should visit this summer
Top 10 destination vacation spots you should visit this summer.

Most people choose the summer time to travel around the world and to visit new destination vacation spots but have you ever thought what can make this trip the best trip ever?

Summer terms are the best times in the year, when you can enjoy everything around you.

Which places are the best places to visit in the summer?

All these questions will be answered in this article, and even more, all of this information will help you in choosing destination vacation spots to go for to make the most lovely time and memories ever.

Most popular destinations you must visit


Best places to visit in Greece where you can find ancient civilization

Greece is positioned at the southeast end of Europe, and it is the southernmost homeland of the Balkan Peninsula. Greece is pointed to as a southern European country because geographically it is part of this country. Greece is considered as one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe.

Sunny days, whitewashed villages, beautiful beaches, cool weather and friendly people that is what is all about Greece and that is why is a good destination vacation spots to go to enjoy your summer.

It also is known for its ancient ruins and delicious food, but in the first place, Greece ranks among Europe’s top travel destination vacation spots because it’s just so beautiful here.

Summer in Greece is just fascinating where you can enjoy the many scattered islands which are surrounding the country; each one gives you a breathtaking beauty and teaches you more about history.

In Greece, you can get historic sites, nightlife scenes, and cultural delights.

Place you should visit when in Greece

  • Cape Sounion is famously recognized as the site of the ruins of the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon.
  • Thessaloniki is Greece’s second-largest city and the capital city of the Macedonian region of Northern Greece, where you can enjoy several festivals, you also can enjoy the small tavernas and the nightclubs and for sure the local entertainment venues which the city provides.
  • Zagori is where you can see the true beauty of the great natural, with stunning geology and national parks.
  • Halkidiki where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and the warm sun.
  • Peloponnese has the shape of a large leaf; it used to be called”Morea,” it is a peninsula.

It is filled with historical sites like Byzantine churches and Mycenaean palaces, Peloponnese echoes the ancient cultures and events from its extensive history. One of the most remarkable historical events that happened in the peninsula is Olympia, where the first Olympic Games were hosted in honor of Zeus.

2Rome, Italy

Perfect places to visit in Rome where you can find history

Summer is the best time to visit Rome, Rome is the capital of Italy, it is known as a city of seven hills. Rome is such a perfect place to visit in summer for so many reasons.

Summer days in Rome is associated with gelato. Gelato is one of the most popular frozen dessert popular in Italy. When you visit Rome, you should try this dessert.

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Rome is the place of history where you can learn more about the mythic beginning like, Romulus and Remus “ twin brothers who were nursed by a she”wolf and born by a war god” they aforementioned that they were based the Eternal City”.

Rome is also a place where you can know more about that dates back to the eras of Octavian, Julius Caesar, and Hadrian.

Best places to visit in Rome, Trevi Fountain “Fontana di Trevi”, St. Peter’s Basilica “Basilica di San Pietro,” and Pantheon.


Summer in Spain is such a particular season and also one of the best times of the year:

the streets are full of people in day and night, the plots are packed with friends and families who are meeting for a good chat and lovely walks, briefly Spain where you can do and enjoy everything.

3Summer in Madrid

where to go next in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain, where beauty and lovely people.

You can do a lot of things in Madrid in summer, one of the most recommended things you should go for is to pay a visit to the book fair in Retiro Park, which has been running for close to 100 years.

So you can enjoy a bunch of valuable books, and in summer Madrid the city celebrates so many the festivities, so don’t miss them.

In July and August Madrid’s summer reaches its peak, meanwhile these two months the town sets on Veranos de la Villa, a group of all kinds of shows, from theater to dance and music, and beyond. Then, in August, the areas around  Embajadores, Lavapiés and La Latina all hold their barrio fiestas. Believe us, and they are worthy of being seen.

4Summer in Barcelona

Barcelona beach on morning sunrise with Barcelona city and sea

Spending the summertime in gorgeous Barcelona definitely is going to be one of your favorite memories ever.

The city is pulsing and has a great friendly atmosphere in the Mediterranean city.if you are planning to visit  Barcelona in June, you will enjoy the most just when you go to the beach on June 23 for La Nit de Sant Joan. Prepare yourself for seeing the bonfires, fireworks, and living a good time.

In Barcelona, the city summer is full of art where you can enjoy the jazz evenings on the rooftop terrace of Gaudí’s La Pedrera.

You also should not miss August in Barcelona, where the neighborhood block parties! Gràcia turns into a decorated wonderland and the Sants neighborhood festival.

5Summer in Seville

beautiful Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain city of Culture

Seville is a Spanish city, in the summer morning you maybe would love to avoid the sunrays, but once the sun goes down, where you would love to walk for hours in the city enjoying the blessing view and the lovely wind.

The city of the lonely nights, One of the pleasantest free activities are the nighttime concerts held at the Alcázar.

As long as you are in Seville, you should not miss visiting Seville’s Royal Palace, and it is a fascinating palace.

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6Las Vegas, US

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA city of entertainment

It is the place where you can spend your summer and enjoy the vacation without paying so much money.

Summer in las vegas is a blessing where you can have an affordable vacation which also enables you to turn it off, reset your mind and go totally happy and exciting all in one trip.

It is a beautiful place where you can spend the days in pools and the night at the nightclubs and among the best group of restaurants and bars of any vacation place on the earth.

Summertime is always referred to the fun and enjoyment thus las vegas is the best place to pick up to enjoy your summertime, it provides you natural views and the temperature is cool so you can enjoy the walking in the streets and enjoying the water.

Things to do in summerof Las Vegas

During the daylight, you can get a Swimming Pool and enjoy water and aquaparks.

In Las Vegas, you can forget about the busy life, you can only welcome relaxation and comfort.

Las Vegas provides you the desired food and the spa and the rooms and good bars where you can forget about all the stress and pressure.

 In Las Vegas, you can visit the  Zion National Park where you can enjoy views of the canyon and the sandstone cliffs.

you can enjoy seeing Dolphins playing having cute pictures that would be a beautiful memory to remember.

At Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, you can Dive with sharks, imagine diving with sharks in cool water that is a fantastic thing, isn’t it?

Try the best food in Las Vegas, try The burger at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon with some juice and don’t ever forget to eat cocktail at Palazzo Fusion at Mixology.

7Maui, Hawaii

The sunset on a beach in Maui, Hawaii

Home to around thirty miles of beaches, Maui Island could be a hidden gem in Hawaii. This place is one in all the most effective destination vacation spots within the world, wherever you’ll get pleasure from and live life at your own pace. As so much because the reasons square measure involved, there square measure masses floating online. however, if a paradise is all you get, there’s nothing else that you just ought to be convinced.

Things to do in summer Maui

You can enjoy going snorkeling in Molokini where you will taste a different entertainment experience.

You can also visit the beaches, go wildlife spotting at the Haleakala National Park, and shopping, sunbathing …etc

You can pack light and dress up like the Hawaiians.

8Hurgada, Egypt

colorful coral reef with many fishes in Hurgada, Egypt
colorful coral reef with many fishes in Hurgada, Egypt

Hurghada is Egypt’s oldest and most famed resort. Offshore is that the colorful and freakish sea world of coral and fish life that 1st brought Hurghada to worldwide attention, whereas back on the ground, the once small fishing settlement has mushroomed into a resort town line of work on to business enterprise.

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For northern Europeans (who frame most of Hurghada’s business enterprise influx) this can be a first-rate winter-escape destination vacation spots, with sandy white beaches and blue skies in abundance throughout the year. However whereas Hurghada’s main attraction tends to be flopping on the beach, there are lots a lot of, each within the water and on the ground. For ideas, and tips see what the best attractions and things to try and do in Hurghada.

Things to do in summer Hurgada

You must visit Straits of Gubal which is one of the most country’s diving destination vacation spots and is easily accessed in Hurghada.

You can try Sindbad Submarine if you don`t want to get your feet wet which takes passengers all the way down to a depth of twenty-two meters below the water for a peek at the Red Sea’s plentiful coral and fish life, all while not even putt a toe within the ocean.

You can also try Snorkeling in Hurghada Aquarium: Hurghada has some witching sites to explore underwater. clearly one in every of the highest things to try and do here is diving, however, diving is not for everybody, and plenty of folks square measure easier snorkel diving. you’ll expertise several of equivalent underwater attractions on a snorkel diving trip.

9Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg Germany Skyline

Located within the northern a part of Germany, metropolis may be a global mercantilism port that is additionally referred to as the ‘Gateway to the World’. Whether or not it`s extraordinary experiences like attending an evening of Andalusian flamenco at the foremost hall or the wealthy cultural aspect of the town, a summer vacation here for certain seems to be like none alternative.

Things to do in summer Hamburg

You must experience attending a concert at the world’s next great music venue.

You can also visit these places: Heide Park, Miniatur Wunderland, Reeperbahn, and Rickmer Rickmers …etc

Be careful as the Summer is that the high season in Germany for tourists, thus set up earlier.

10Koh Samui, Thailand

Panorama of Koh Samui, Thailand

While there are too several places to envision and explore in an Asian nation, Koh Samui is amongst the proper summer vacation spots within the world for holidaying together with your friends. By providing experiences like partying on the beach all night to humoring altogether forms of a journey, this place actually is aware of a way to create a summer break memorable!

Things to do in summer Koh Samui

You must try attending the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan and dancing all night there!

There are many other things to do like snorkeling and scuba diving, attending the famous parties, going for sea kayaking, and relaxing with a spa therapy …etc

Don`t forget to Pack sunscreen and swimwear.

Most people love to travel in the summertime to enjoy the weather and make great memories.

Some people manage to choose the best places to visit; others fail in selecting the best places to visit.

In this article, we provided you the best places to visit in the summertime hoping you the best vacation ever.